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Critical Care is a relatively new speciality. Modern Critical Care originated with the invention of positive pressure ventilation in the 1960’s. Critical Care today is delivered in highly specialized intensive care units. Critical Care beds are typically around 10% of the hospital bed strength but account for more than 80% of resource utilization. Modern critical care is highly dependent on technology and has become a essential superspeciality.

Yet training in critical care lags behind and there is a shortage of fully trained critical care physicians or intensivists.Traditionally patients in the critical care unit were managed by their primary physicians with a team of other specialists. However as critical care has evolved in the last 2 decades the approach to the patients in the ICU has changed. An Critical Care Specialist is needed to get a holistic picture of the patient and manage complex issues like sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). In the US studies have shown that ICUs managed by intensivists have lower mortality than those which are run by non intensivists. Traditionally many ICUs do not have 24 X 7 coverage for their patients. It is well documented that presence of an intensivist 24 X 7 improves outcomes in the ICU. Unfortunately there is a shortage of trained intensivists, which makes it difficult to ensure the desired round the clock coverage. INTeleICU™ offers a practical solution to this dilemma.

Vision & Mission

To enhance patient safety and outcomes by being the pioneer and largest provider of innovative remote monitoring and clinical support solutions for management of hospitalized patients

To provide customized and collaborative care to hospitalized critically ill patients and enhance the quality & safety of care by leveraging clinical expertise and technology

INTeleICU™ Overview

INTeleICU™ is not an off-the-shelf solution especially given that the problems in handling Critical Care are unique to the circumstances of each hospital.

INTeleICU™ offers feasible and customized engagement models to suit the needs of each hospital.

INTeleICU™ looks to provide a holistic tailor made solution.

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